The Tyne Tees Tunnel (also known as the Kielder Water Transfer Scheme), is an important part of water management in the North East of England. It allows for water to be released from Kielder reservoir down the Tyne to Riding Mill, where it can then be pumped via pipeline into the Wear and Tees Rivers.

The scheme comprises of several assets including a 4 mile long pumping main, pumping station, head tanks, inspection shafts, river outlets and the very impressive 21 mile tunnel which carries water under the moors to the Wear and Tees. At the time of writing, it is unknown how often the scheme is used to pump water between the rivers.

This website will be updated as I research elements of the scheme, including the route and usage of the tunnel. A rough outline of the journey can be seen below, or a full route map (that is updated as I go) can be seen on Google.

Last Updated 31/10/2020